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posted on 06 Jun 2013 09:52 by zeronon
Bathroom furniture can provide several functions including providing that all important storage space for the countless bottles, pots and lotion that end up in a bathroom. Bathroom cabinets keep these items stored away rather than on display. Bathroom furniture can also be used to make the bathroom feel more homely or create a bold style statement. It can be central to the overall style and design of your bathroom, so make sure you take it into account when selecting other units such as basins and baths.
Bathroom furniture can be used to make the bathroom feel as more of a room, rather than a cold or clinical space. Because bathrooms are typically less cluttered than your average household room, they can often cope with bolder, more statement making designs. If you would like to make a design statement in your home but don't feel completely confident, the bathroom may be the ideal choice.
There are many styles of bathroom furniture available, so you can ensure to find a bathroom cabinet that is in keeping with the style of your bathroom. You can even make a feature out of a bathroom cabinet by opting for a sleek design, such as the Hudson Reed Moon design. Bathroom furniture comes in traditional, colourful, contemporary and sleek styles. You can choose from wood finishes, matt finishes, gloss finishes and polished metal. Balterley have some particularly colourful options, whilst Bauhaus has numerous contemporary choices. There are compact bathroom cabinets for small bathrooms or large ones for those after a large amount of storage space. Medicine cabinets are ideal for small bathrooms and can house a mirror on the front, doubling up their purpose. They also save on precious floor space as they are ideal mounted above a sink.